Just.Are.Same (2011-12): Commissioned by City Music Cleveland, is an electro-acoustic work that weaves together the spoken testamony of genocide survivors with electronic sounds and live music drawn from fragments of Albinoni's "Adagio." Performers:Rebecca Schweigert Mayhew, oboe; Miran Kaleigh Kim, violin; Masha Andreini, violin; Caitlin Lynch, violala; James Jaffe, cello.

Gehry Variations (2002-3): Inspired by Frank Gehry's Peter B. Lewis building in Cleveland, this epic percussion work clocks in around fifty minutes and includes a "tape" part created by Greg D'Alessio. It was premiered at the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland and subsequenly performed at the Cleveland Museum of Art, Allegheny College and used by choreographer Joan Meggit as the score for "Moments of Repose," which was performed at Cleveland Public Theater. Jason Trueting of SO PERCUSSION performed and recorded the work at Cleveland State University in April, 2003. 

Collage: 1969 (2009): This electronic collage piece stitches together an array of sounds drawn from  1969 (the year of my birth) and includes bits of popular music, political speeches, news from Vietnam and famous lines from Easy Rider. Erratum: Richard Nixon talking about his dog falls outside the 1969 timeframe, but was too irresistible to pass up. 

Rain (2011): Composed in memory of my father, Jerry Cox, Rain was first performed "in the round" by the Case Percussion Group, which encircled the audience with an array of cymbals, snare drums, bass drums and other percussion instruments in Harkness Chapel in December 2011.   

Totems (2001): An evocation of the mightly Haida and Tlingit totems I grew up with walking through Totem Park in Sitka, Alaska.  David Schotzko, Robert Esler and Paul Cox, marimbas.

Albion (2003): Inspired by William Blake's "Dance of Albion," this work was commissioned by the Crossound Music Festival and performed by Timothy Smith.